I just want some salad in a bag

1 04 2011

Last night I got one hour of sleep…but Shakira was totally worth it. I went to see Shakira perform in the capital, and Pitbull and El Secreto were opening acts. It was incredible. I have been to more concerts here (3) than I have been to in my 20 years (total before January: 1, thanks to Thomas). When I returned home from the concert I still had to study for an oral exam. The timeline went a bit like this: 1:00pm board bus in Santiago, 4:30pm arrive in the capital, 7:00pm the concert starts (with opening acts), 10:45pm Shakira performs, 1:00am back on bus, 3:30am arrive back in Santiago, 4:00am in my room studying for my exam, 8:00am in class taking the exam. It was all totally worth it.

This past weekend I spent in Punta Cana visiting Alana 🙂 I took the bus all the way there (7 hour trip, it’s literally a diagonal shot south from Santiago to Punta Cana). I stayed in the all-inclusive for 2 nights and it was like being in a totally different world. It felt weird, the whole time I just couldn’t believe that this paradise existed in the country that I have become so familiar with. Everywhere I looked, I just thought, “this can’t be the Dominican Republic”. But I was so glad to have the experience of the all-inclusive and of course over-joyed to see Alana. The pools were beautiful, there was always food and drinks, the beach was just a few yards from my room, there was a casino, sports bar, discoteca, and theatre. I enjoyed my time but I don’t think I could do it for more than a few nights, there is only so much pool, beach, eat, dance repetitions that I can take. And I really can’t stress enough how uncomfortable I felt inside the resort knowing what laid beyond the gates. I made lots of friends with the staff, they were so happy to speak to someone in Spanish and were particularly interested in why I was living in Santiago and what I was doing in the country. If you are ever interested in an all-inclusive experience, Barcelo Premium is definitely the place to go in the Dominican Republic. The pictures don’t lie 😉

I have been craving vegetables. I miss those little steamer bags that you can buy and just eat the raw veggies right out of, or the salads that you can buy with the dressing packets that you put right into the bag and shake it up. I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables here and I think it’s because vegetables in a bag don’t exist. All the veggies here have to be specially washed and while I have a nice large portion of salad everyday for lunch I’m just not consuming nearly the amount of vegetables that I am accustomed to. I also miss being able to walk through campus without getting whistled at, catcalled, or stared down. I just want to blend in again. I considered dying my hair brown but I couldn’t give up the blonde so I resigned myself to sticking it out for another month. I have learned to handle the piropos well; I am just tired of them. I also want to be back in my country where people are conscious of how they dispose of their trash. The streets here are not clean, and while a stable trash collection system doesn’t exist and there aren’t lots of trashcans, the people who throw trash out of their car windows or chuck a gum wrapper on the sidewalk are to blame. The part that is upsetting to me is that I see EVERYONE litter. By everyone, I mean I have seen the richest, the poorest, the youngest and the oldest lack the discipline to put their trash in a trash can. I also miss Yale- I miss my friends, my professors, my classes, the library, the gym, my dorm and residential college, and I even miss the dining hall. I miss being in an environment where everyone is seeking intellectual stimulation. I want to be able to sit with one of my friends in the dining hall or the common room and discuss the most recent episode of House and then talk about the day’s lecture. I want to sit in a library where people are actually quiet and study. I want to talk with a professor who has an advanced degree and passion for his or her area of study. I want to be in an environment that values innovation, not just emphasizes regurgitation. As much as I have enjoyed my time here, I am eager to get home to my country where people abide by the laws on the roads, where people study to further understanding and knowledge bases, and where people can eat vegetables out of a bag.





2 responses

3 04 2011

I just have one huge smile on my face! And my eyes have had a feast with your photography skills, thank you!!!!!

17 04 2011

really enjoyed this latest writing, and am thrilled you got to those fun and beautiful places! I TOO feel lonesome for you to get back home – in fact we all are counting off the days! Looking forward to cooking a really nice dinner for you with all our favorite veggies. Also an afternoon on the driving range and a day on the links!

te quiero and te echo mucho de menos !!!!!!!

your Mimi

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